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[Naruhodo no Mori]

Home science experiments
mothers of elementary school children

by Yumiko Mori

Last updated Aug 23th, 2005
Yumiko Mori



Vol.60Nov 15th, 2001 title-60 Penscope
Vol.59Sep 15th, 2001 title-59 Potato shooter
Vol.58Jul 15th, 2001 title-58 Cooking Onsen Eggs with Solar Energy
Vol.57May 15th, 2001 title-57 Making a Yoyo
Vol.56Mar 15th, 2001 title-56 Increasing Yogurt Bacteria
Vol.55Jan 15th, 2001 title-55 Mochitsuki (Rice cake making)
Vol.54Nov 15th, 2000 title-54 Steel wire phone and steel wire voice speaker
Vol.53Sep 15th, 2000 title-53 How to make Tofu
Vol.52Jul 15th, 2000 title-52 Extracting Sea Salt
Vol.51May 15th, 2000 title-51 Digging Dandelion Roots
Vol.50Mar 15th, 2000 title-50 Air-Pumped Jack
Vol.49Jan 15th, 2000 title-49 Count Seeds
Vol.48Nov 15th, 1999 title-48 Boomerang
Vol.47Sep 15th, 1999 title-47 Baking sweet potatoes in hot stones
Vol.46Jul 15th, 1999 title-46 Orihime and Hikoboshi stars
Vol.45May 15th, 1999 title-45 Slime bottle
Vol.44Mar 15th, 1999 title-44 Supercooling
Vol.43Jan 15th, 1999 title-43 Tincture of Iodine
Vol.42Nov 15th, 1998 title-42 Surprising experiments in bath tub
Vol.41Sep 15th, 1998 title-41 Holes on bones
Vol.40July 15th, 1998 title-40 Observing Ants
Vol.39May 15th, 1998 title-39 How to make chalks
Vol.38Mar 15th, 1998 title-38 Dyeing with onion skin soup
Vol.37Feb 15th, 1998 title-37 Guessing Game
Vol.36Jan 15th, 1998 title-36 Projecting Spectrum
Vol.35Dec 15th, 1997 title-35 Syrup Oranges
Vol.34Nov 15th, 1997 title-34 Home made butter
Vol.33Oct 15th, 1997 title-33 Eat acorns
Vol.32Sep 15th, 1997 title-32 Clouds watch
Vol.31Jul 15th, 1997 title-31 Searching fossils in town
Vol.30Jun 15th, 1997 title-30 Fireworks in water
Vol.29May 15th, 1997 title-29 Powder explosion
Vol.28Apr 15th, 1997 title-28 Let's use screw drivers
Vol.27Mar 15th, 1997 title-27 Squid Dissection
Vol.26Feb 15th, 1997 title-26 Learning how big the space is (No.2)
Vol.25Jan 15th, 1997 title-25 Bagworm
Vol.24Dec 15th, 1996 title-24 Play with a remote control
Vol.23Nov 15th, 1996 title-23 Watching How Stars Move
Vol.21Sep 15th, 1996 title-21 Stethoscope
Vol.20Jul 15th, 1996 title-20 Home-made ice cream
Vol.19Jun 15th, 1996 title-19 Galileo Thermometer
Vol.18May 15th, 1996 title-18 Water Rocket
Vol.16Mar 15th, 1996 title-16 Surprising Experiments using a Microwave Machine
Vol.15Feb 15th, 1996 title-15 Learning how big the space is (No.1)
Vol.14Jan 15th, 1996 title-14 Human electricity relay
Vol.13Dec 15th, 1995 title-13 Thermotype
Vol.10Sep 15th, 1995 title-10 Finding strange insects
Vol.9Jul 15th, 1995 title-9 Steel Wool Fireworks
Vol.8Jun 15th, 1995 title-8 A very very long straw
Vol.4Feb 15th,1995 title-4 Just dipping
Vol.3Jan 15th, 1995 title-3 Air Pressure
Vol.2Dec 15th, 1994 title-2 Bubbles
Vol.1Nov 15th, 1994 title-1 Making Slime

臨時号Apr 15th, 1998 title-臨時 妙ちゃん、中学に入学する Japanese only
号外Jul 1, 1997 title-号外 ドライアイスで遊ぼう! Japanese only
Vol.22Oct 15th, 1996 title-22 発泡スチロールのおにぎり Japanese only
Vol.17Apr 15th, 1996 title-17 タンポポを食べよう Japanese only
Vol.12Nov 15th, 1995 title-12 シンプルな笛 Japanese only
Vol.11Oct 15th, 1995 title-11 綿アメを作る Japanese only
Vol.7May 15th, 1995 title-7 カルメ焼き Japanese only
Vol.6Apr 15th, 1995 title-6 キムコ電池 Japanese only
Vol.5Mar 15th, 1995 title-5 浮いてこい Japanese only

AuthorYumiko Mori (Zushi, Kanagawa, Japan)
IllustrationMitsue Ogata
TranslatorAkira Ishihara
HTML formatMuneo Kume

Copyright © 1994 Yumiko Mori & Muneo Kume